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1)As an affiliate, your first and only task is to bring traffic to our online stores. Once you do that, just sit back and let us maximize your revenues and payouts - we do the work for you.

2)Once your visitors arrive to our online stores, we make sure they purchase - and spend as much as possible. This is achieved with high-conversion websites alongside sale techniques such as: special offers, smart pricing, up sales and cross sales and much more. We encourage visitors to purchase by phone, where they are assisted by our highly-trained sales representatives. Our sales team is instructed to up sell, and most importantly, you receive full commission on phone orders! Sales stats and commissions are displayed in detailed reports on our affiliate interface on Partners-profits.

3)We maintain a database of all customer details along with their referees (that's you!). When customers make an initial purchase with us, their details are transferred to our retention team. We send periodical and special campaigns to motivate customers to return to our stores and buy more products. This is done by email marketing campaigns, direct marketing and more. Most important of all - we continue to work for you, and continue to generate revenues in your account. Again - all stats are clearly displayed in your affiliate interface on Partners-profits.

4)Partners-profits is a continuously improving program, including state of the art tools and reports to make your job easy and efficient. All our marketing tools and reports are available to you. You get all the results (visitors, sales, sales by phone, returning customers etc.) including your sub affiliate results, and most importantly: you get paid on a weekly basis!

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Our online marketing team makes your job simple and easy. All you need to do is bring the traffic and let us do the rest of the work for you. Our business is maximizing your revenues with minimum efforts on your behalf.

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